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 Web Site Design and Development

Basic prices for labor will vary from project to project, but here's a basic run down of what your average web site entails:

The initial development and design of a web page - layout, menu system, header and footer graphics, etc usually takes about a good amount of work - up to 8 hrs is not uncommon when trying to develop an accurate representation of a customer's ideas.
Once the layout is complete, the "filling in" stage can begin, usually to the tune of about 1 hour or so per page. Contact pages take about 2 hrs to develop and test for workability.
Updates and additions reqiure additional work after completion of the project, but long as they are in the same format/design as the original site, they usually take no longer than an hour's worth of labor per page.
Add to this database development and you can easily double the labor of site building. Other local companies charge around $80/hr for database development. Needless to say my rates have never even come close to that - for the same work!

Once the site is done and accepted by both parties, it is yours, including any custom graphics, and there are never any games with domain names - they are registered only in your name.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

[hourly rates apply]

 Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is offered through Melbourne IT at reasonable rates. Initial registration is for two years and yearly thereafter. Domains are registered in your name so you are guaranteed a hassle-free transfer if you ever decide to switch companies or do it yourself - something that becomes difficult to do when registering through many of the mainstream companies out there. You can find a cheaper deal, but you often get what you pay for in the long run.

Private registration is extra.

Keep in mind that registering your name with a different company can cause all sorts of unseen hassles that could lead to extra labor charges, so be careful when deciding what to do about a name.

Domains are not actually registered until payment is received. Allow 24 to 48 hours for new domain names to propagate throughout the Internet. Full Terms and Conditions regarding private registration can be found on the INWW website located at

 Web Hosting

There are several different web hosting packages to meet your needs. All include HTML plus scripting support providing versitile yet cost effective plans for pretty much anything from ASP to PHP and beyond, with basic website functionality like blogging, photo galleries, flash animation, e-commerce shopping carts, MySQL database and more.

Basic: This recommended hosting solution offers more than most web sites ever need. 99.9% of my web sites are hosted using this all-purpose plan and include most everything you would expect from a hosting solution.
Intermediate: 500mb disk space, 50gb bandwidth, 10 pop3/webmail accounts with unlimited alias capabilities (email upgrades are available). For more robust commercial web site options where the need for extra bandwidth and disk space is anticipated, includes powerful full statistics capabilities for marketing and tracking.
Advanced: Multiple domain pointer hosting plan. For the internet entrepreneur, this hosting plan can accommodate multiple domain names giving you the opportunity to develop numerous sites on the same plan. 2000mb disk space, 200gb bandwidth, up to 25 domain name pointers, 300 pop3/webmail accounts with unlimited alias capabilities, full ASP and PHP scripting support including the latest Wordpress, DotNetNuke and other CMS capabilities, plus advanced website functionality for more intense scripting.

*A one-time set-up fee of 1 hour required
**Upgrade prices vary and are subject to labor charges
***All hosting plans require one year minimum pre-payment


I offer a shopping cart solution that allows for a cost effective and usable format for online payment solutions, a simple yet comprehensive solution for your business needs, providing everything that you need including Credit Card Processing, Check Processing, Check 21, ACH, and Remote Deposit Capture.

A powerful online store front hosted at your site, with secure transactions including all aspects of account set up with custom secure transaction buttons and product graphics placement.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance ensuring that your business meets PCI DSS requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other important protective measures.

Please contact me for more info.

 Other Services

If you need something that is not listed here, please contact me with any questions

Other services include:

Custom graphics development/redevelopment, verbal descriptions, redesigns of existing digital files
Blog/Facebook page development - whether you need a blog added to your existing web site, or just want a self standing blog page, it can be designed and implemented for you. Facebook is an excellent way to communicate with your demigraphic/customer base and can be implemented affordably. Social networking such as Facebook and bloging can drive traffic to your site and increase search engine rankings but is often too time consuming to do on your own, so custom blogging and/or Facebooking is available.
Basic Internet Marketing including search enginge optimization, keyword evaluation, Google advertising, reciprocal link exchange and even blog/article features are all available to push your web site - and your business - further into cyberspace!
File conversions
Web seminars
Web site photography
Mission statements
Technical support

[hourly rates apply]

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